Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Episode Thirty Two

Portland Beer Club Podcast - Your Online Bottle Share
Episode: Thirty Two Hosts: Pooner, Ramhouse Fartcus & Just Shitz

 Top 6 List: Patios & Outdoor Spaces (past & present)

Topics: Columbia Distributor buys General Distributors, Belmont Station/Rogue/Uptown Market get facelifts, Block 15 Brunch follow up, Festival of the Dark Arts follow up, Modern Times up & running in PDX, Spring Beer & Wine Fest may be shutting doors, Trying to be a beer nerd while working a regular 9-5, Beer Insulators - do you want your stout cold and should you be drinking from a bottle?, Is Jameson Whiskey’s new “Aged in IPA barrels” commercial full of shit? Stone Brewings lawsuit against KeyStone, do they have a chance? Ramshack mixed culture saison. Sean was a no show.

Beers Drank: Pelican Father Of All Tsunamis, Fort George Matryoshka Vanilla, Block 15 The DAB Lab Juice Joint, Baerlic WTF?, American Solera The Ground Is Shaking

Upcoming Events/News: 28-4th Sour Fruit Fest @ Cascade, 2nd Lucky Lab Barleywine Fest (Quimby Location), 2nd Black Out Beer Fest @ Lompoc Sidebar, 3rd Block 15 10th Anniversary, 3rd Triple IPA Fest @ NWIPA, 3rd Ferkin Fest @ Rogue (east side), 3rd Lompoc Chowder Challenge (N. Williams), 10th Collabofest @ Base Camp, 11th Bakers Dozen Fest @ Ecliptic, 15th-17th St. Patrick’s Day Celebration @ Feckin, 16th-17th Irish Beer Festival @ Kell’s, 17th A Pouring At The Coast in Seaside, 23rd-25th Portland Farmhouse & Wild Ale Festival @ Saraveza

Go to oregoncraftbeer.org for a comprehensive calendar of beer events in the area.

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