Thursday, May 21, 2020

Episode Fifty Nine

Portland Beer Club Podcast - Your Online Bottle Share
Episode: Fifty Nine
Recorded Date: 5.20.2020
Hosts: Nooner, Ramhouse, Beefy 7, & Just Shitz

This Episode...
-Top 4 List - Best Beers I’ve Had Under Quarantine
-Mystery Beers
-Trivia From Chad
-Brewery Turns Into Drive Up Marketplace
-What is a Virtual Beer Festival
-Is Beer Trading In Jeopardy?
-3-Way IPA Coming Soon
-Rise of the Counterfeit Lambic
-Re-Openings & Changes
-“I Helped Save Craft Beer”
-Pliny the Younger’s Local Impact
-We Hate Hard Seltzer, Yet We Keep Talking About It
-Fort George Is Bringing Something Back

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