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Episode One Hundred Four - The Ultimate Sorry Jason Newlywed Edition

Episode 104 is a different approach.  Hold on to your beers for this one.  You can listen here or on your favorite thingy.

Monday, February 26, 2024

Episode One Hundred Three

 Episode 103 is On Tap now...

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Episode One Hundred Two

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Sunday, January 14, 2024

The Top Five Oregon Breweries

This past December we released Episode One Hundred One.  Our featured topic was the Top 5 Oregon Breweries. We like to do this every few years.  It’s been interesting to watch the shift in our personal tastes change, as well as seeing some favorites shut down or move out of state over the years.  

The first time we tried this was way back in 2017. Fort George ruled at number one that time around.  Great Notion was a close second place, with Block 15 coming in really close at third.  de Garde came in fourth, with pFriem and Commons in a tie for fifth.  

In 2019, things shifted.  We saw multiple ties, with the first tie being at the number one spot.  Fort George, de Garde, and Block 15 shared the coveted first place.  pFriem took a lone second place spot.  Ex Novo, Wayfinder, and Great Notion brought a big three way tie for third.  Breakside, Upright, and Little Beast sat in fourth place, while Hair of the Dog, Ale Apothecary, and Full Sail sat at number five together.  

For this 2023-2024 list, we wanted to shake things up a bit. The first two lists had plenty of differences, but still had a lot of similarities.  We brought in others to join us with the vote.  Industry people, friends, and family each took a vote.  The point system has been the same throughout each vote; the #1 spot earning five points, #2 spot earning 4 points, the #3 spot earning three points, the #4 spot earning two points, and #5 earning one point.  

As we get ready to record Episode One Hundred Two soon, it is time to release this year’s Top Five Oregon Breweries outside of the actual episode.  Hopefully you’ve already gone and listened to the episode. If not, spoiler alert! Stop now and go listen if you want to hear it in all it’s glory.  

Let me just say this, if your favorite(s) didn’t make the list, get in line. Trying to choose five of Oregon’s best breweries is no easy task.  One of my all time favorites didn’t even come close in the points.  I think that was pretty normal for most of us who voted, and it was even harder to leave some favorites off personal lists to add to the count.  

Here we go!

#5 - de Garde (15 pts)

Located in Tillamook, de Garde has turned the sour scene upside down.  This tiny program has people flying in from all over to get their hands on some of the best sour beer on the planet. They don’t monkey around and try to cover all the beer styles. They put most of their focus on one thing, damn good sour beer.  

#4 - Block 15 (18 pts)

Coming out of Corvallis, their Imperial IPA Sticky Hands is easily my favorite IIPA around. I have put it up, side by side against some to the most famous IIPAs and it is always a winner.  Block 15 always has a stellar rotation of IPA releases.  Their barrel aged program is strong.  They rarely lack in quality considering the diverse beer styles they keep up with. They provide a little something for everyone.

#3 - pFriem (20 pts)

Located in beautiful Hood River, pFriem does not disappoint.  I can’t recall ever hearing, “that wasn’t very good,” coming from anyone’s mouth after drinking something from pFriem. Sours, IPAs, and Stouts run strong from this delicious nook in the Columbia Gorge.  Another brewery that does not suffer from their wide variety of styles. It’s definitely a top road trip destination.

#2 - Fort George (25 pts)

The Oregon coast has been producing some of the best beer to come out of Oregon. Astoria’s own Fort George has always been my personal favorite.  This is the first year Fort George dropped from the #1 spot (see, the voting shake made some changes). For me, personally, they host the greatest beer festival, Festival of the Dark Arts. The setting is gorgeous. The food is decent, if not excellent at times.  And the grounds are hard to beat with multiple buildings, floors, and their outdoor settings are fantastic and family friendly.  And seriously… the hype around their annual 3-Way IPA release is always massive.  

#1 - Breakside (34 pts)

Coming straight out of Portland, Breakside is probably our biggest achiever.  Not even placing in our first vote, then hobbling in at a tie for fourth in our second vote, Breakside dominated the voting this year.  It wasn’t even close.  Their IPA’s have skyrocketed to the top for me. Their barrel aging program is leaving marks.  They are now readily available in most communities having recently expanded to Lake Oswego, Beaverton, and Astoria.  I don’t think I can find one thing to criticize over this top Portland brewery.  I mean, WanderJack or Double Wanderlust… C’mon!

Great Notion, Barley Browns, and Deschutes were close to the top 5.  Twenty eight Oregon Breweries received votes overall.  Many of those received multiple votes.  It’s such strong competition.

We are blessed to live in such great place making, in my opinion, the best beers in the country.  I, of course, am including Washington and California to round out the west coast beer experience. Ask somebody from Vermont how their fresh hop season went.  I don’t say this to brag. There is great beer across the country, but to find it from so many top resources in one place is pretty magical.

Congratulations to Breakside and the other top four breweries. A huge thank you to everyone who voted.  The Portland Beer Club is tiny.  Three (sometimes four) friends sit in a room together or log onto Zoom once a month to be together. We use beer as our excuse to do so.  Luckily it just happens to be amazing beer. 


Monday, December 18, 2023

Episode One Hundred One

The Top 5 Oregon Breweries Extravaganza Episode!

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