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Born into the bar business, the world of beer geekery was inevitable.  Having co-hosted and produced the In One Day Radio podcast for almost five years, it was time to launch the Portland Beer Club Podcast.  

Favorite Beer Styles: IPA, BBA Stouts/Porters, Gose, Berliner Weisse, and has been learning how to love sours.  

Beer History: Homebrewer turned more of a homebrewing observer and idea guy, grew up in the bar business with an early exposure to Portland craft beer.  Beer is best when you're drinking beer.

aka... The Ramshack... aka The Ramhouse.  One smart cookie.  His expanding knowledge of brewing beer is outgrowing his internal motherboard.  No longer able to purchase beer because he has too much homebrew.  

Favorite Beer Styles: (in no particular order) IPA, Sours, Big BBA Beers

Beer History: Yes


From Chad's Mouth to your ears... "the story of nooner is as old as time itself. it all began on a peaceful October day in 1982. some say a legend was born that day. others say the same. from humble beginnings as a wealthy model, nooner discovered homebrewing when he, with little effort, brewed the best beer ever made. it was a mexican lager kit fermented with ale yeast. the world was not ready, but he knew deep down that he was on the brink of something revolutionary. after 11 years, he has cultivated his craft for brewing and sarcasm. he's been called smarmy bastard by no less than 2 people in his life."

Beer Styles: "Saison, Lager, IPA... strike the Lager, change to Pilsner."

You can find more about Chad at or search for Before Noon Presents: The Happy #Brewshack Fun Time Show on Youtube.

And ask him who he's brewed with.  He'll love to tell you... ok... we'll tell you... Fort George, Block 15, Ecliptic, Great Notion, and Ex Novo.  But ask him anyway.  

BEEFY 7 aka Jim

Born & raised in Pennsylvania. Yuengling ran through my veins starting at... exactly 21.  I moved on to Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA and I was hooked.  Then came the hype releases, beer trading, and chasing the next tick.  Now I have several very good trading partners/friends across the country that have come from this wonderful hobby. 

Lastly, I want to thank Stutz, Ramhouse, & Nooner for being made a full time host.  

Favorite styles in no particular order: Lambic, BBA Stouts, BWizzle (#BiL), Helles Lager.