Thursday, February 2, 2017

Episode Eighteen

Portland Beer Club Podcast - Your Online Bottle Share
Episode: Eighteen
Hosts: Farmhouse Marcus, Beer Monger Andrew, Beertender Lynn, and Just Sean

Beers Drank: The Alchemist Focal Banger, Bourbon County Backyard Rye (2014), Hair of the Dog Cherry Adam(2015), De Garde Special Rouge Reserve,Wiseacre Unicornucopia

Topics: Happy Stout Month, ABV Third Anniversary, Bar Etiquette,

Upcoming Events: Zwickelmania & Festival of the Dark Arts 2/18 (2/25 Zwickel for rest of state), Black Out Festival 2/25, Stormbreaker 3rd Anniversary 2/4, Cascade Sour Fruit Fest 2/22-26, NWIPA IIIPA Fest 2/25, Stormbreaker Brewstillery Fest 2/25, Oregon Beer Awards 2/28

Top 6 List: Best Beer Memories

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