Thursday, July 19, 2018

Episode Thirty Seven

Portland Beer Club Podcast - Your Online Bottle Share
Episode: Thirty Seven
Recorded Date: July 18th, 2018
Hosts: Nooner, Ramhouse, & Just Stutz
Guest: Jim Gehret

Top 6 List: Alcoholic Beverages That Are Not Beer

-The Life of a Beer Nerd
-Shout out to listener Jeremy
-Cascade Providing 500 ml Bottles
-How Do You Choose The Order Of Beer Style For A Night Of Several Beers
-I’m over wax caps & are BBA Stouts no longer a big deal
-Exorbitant price of beer from a brewery
-Is making hazy IPA’s too easy for brewers?
-What makes a better beer pet, cats or dogs?
-Recap of the brew session at Marcus’
-Ron Gansbourg no longer with Cascade Brewing
-New WW Pro/Am format
-Beer Trips w/Marcus & Sean
-Chad’s cans and D.O. warning
-Chad’s Poll
-Congratulations to Mark & Todd @ Portland At The Movies

Beers Drank:
-Alesong Raspberry Gose
-Beachwood System of a Stout
-Deschutes The Ages
-3 Floyds Dark Lord (2017)
-De Garde Violet Premiere
-SakeOne Cucumber Mint Sake

Upcoming Events/News for August 2018:
-4th thru 5th 3rd Annual Oregon Trail Brewfest
-10th thru 11th Vancouver Brewfest
-11th Portland Radler Festival 2018 @ Stormbreakers
-16th thru 18th Bend Brewfest
-18th thru 19th Oregon Handmade Bicycle Festival
- 25th Brews For New Avenues

Go to for a comprehensive calendar of beer events in the area.

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