Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Episode Forty Three

Portland Beer Club Podcast - Your Online Bottle Share
Episode: Forty Three
Recorded Date: January 29th, 2019
Hosts: Nooner (out sick), Ramhouse, & Just Stutz Guest
Co-Host: Carrie sitting in

Top 6 List: None Today

A message from Listener/Sub Co-Host Jim
Are we having an overkill of overly flavored beers?
What are some regional breweries we have not been to, but need to try?
ABV 5 Year Anniversary Collabs/Party
Fort George - Skies of Wonder 1999, Fields of Green Irene, Waves of Silence Burgee
Visit to Von Ebert Brewing
Widmer pub closes
Roscoe’s buys Saraveza
Sunriver Brewing expanding
Dogfish Head releases a low cal beer
Asahi purchased Fuller’s
Firestone Walker new invention
A Harry Potter themed beer festival
Untappd Most Check Ins Venues for 2018

Beers Drank: Block 15, De Garde, Brasserie Dupont, & Fort George

Show Poll Question/Results Results
Possible Beer Trends for 2019: Lactose Sours vs Craft Light Lagers
Beer Flavored Beers or Gimme Them Adjuncts
Next - None (because no Chad!!!)

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