Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Episode Forty Seven Part 1

Portland Beer Club Podcast - Your Online Bottle Share
Episode: Forty Seven Pt 1
Recorded Date: 5.21.2019
Hosts: Nooner, Ramhouse, Beefy 7, & Butt Monkey

Top 6 List: Beer Memories

 -Contemporary Gueze?
-Hops - fresh hops vs hops vs aged hops
-Wolves & People needs you
 -Columbia River Brewing shutting their doors
-Boston Beer buys Dogfish Head
-If you could move to one beer city other than Portland, which one would you pick?
-Rev Nat’s Night of 1,000 Tepaches Review
-Punk in Drublic Announced
-How to win at Untappd
-Is Brewdog playing by the rules?
 -Orenco Taphouse 6th Anniversary Announcement
-Sip of Spring Beer Fest Review
-Marcus brings the trivia

Beers Drank:
Fort George
Full Sail
Little Beast
Beachwood Blendery
Urban Family Brewery

Show Poll Question/Results
Beer Cans vs Beer Bottles

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